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Shopify integration#26


See the Klaviyo and Omnisend Shopify web apps, they are the leaders in this field.

e.g. ability to import products to promote in emails, automated email flows according to customer ordering patterns (e.g. how many times they order or what they order). Smart contact segmentation. eCommerce sales performance.

Reference examples:

a month ago

Klaviyo specifically is the best at this… If you abandon cart, klaviyo can send an abandoned cart series specifically for that product, instead of generic abandoned cart emails for your whole store

a month ago

This would be huge! Quite a few options exist for WooCommerce, but few do Shopify integration well

a month ago

it is sad that this is not the top priority. people who have the other LTD’s wanted integrations with them but, email marketing as a whole should have this feature on top pririty. This where the value is.

21 days ago